Museo Altamira

Art workshops for school children

Nursery and primary children

Quiet yet dangerous, sociable yet solitary, resilient yet almost extinct, the bison is a truly impressive animal. Today, the animal is not familiar to us; however in contrast, the inhabitants of Prehistoric Altamira knew these animals, which formed part of the landscape, all too well. Inside the cave, in the shadowy area, they painted a herd of bison, detailing the bodies, gestures, postures, anatomy, and movements of each animal. They were most certainly painted by a genius, one of the leading artists of the time.

The art workshops are dedicated to the art of Altamira and focus on the figure of the bison.

The Museum of Altamira suggests finishing each workshop with a visit to the exhibition to see the original archaeological objects the participants have been working with in the workshop in the context in which they were made and used in the times of Altamira.  Choose one of the  themed visits offered by the Museum of Altamira.

Advanced reservation when booking your visit
Sessions 10:30, 11:30, 12:30
Activity free with admission to the museum
No. of participants:

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