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An exhibition with many sensens

Resources to learn in the exhibition (pdf) 

The Neocave: a paleolithic place.

Recursos para el aprendizaje

Through the Neocave visitors can discover Altamira, a palaeolithic site dating back 15,000 years. In the hall area, a palaeolithic family group develops their everyday life in the Magdalenian camp.

Inside, the artist atelier shows the tools and techniques that Altamira’s artist used.

The Neocave allows watching in detail the art of Altamira, even the one is not accessible in the original cave.

The times of Altamira in the exhibition rooms.

Recursos didácticos

The exhibition “The times of Altamira” explains how people lived in the Upper Palaeolithic through different languages and various media accessible for children and young people.
Museum rooms show more than 400 original objects which are the best archaeological collection of the palaeolithic period in the Iberian Peninsula. The exhibition is organized into sections about specific issues around the time when Altamira was inhabited:

  • The discovery of the cave of Altamira, and the actions for its conservation
  • Before Altamira: the evolution of Humanity
  • Daily life in Altamira times
  • Palaeolithic art, the first art of mankind.

To learn in the museum

Recursos didácticos

Archaeological objects 
The original archaeological objects shown in the display cases are the first contact between visitors and the times of Altamira in the Museum. They are the testimony of prehistoric people, preserved for 15,000 years

You can touch
These objects are accessible to the touch through reproductions and reconstructions. The objects of flint, antler and bone are part of a complete "tool box " that sought the inhabitants of Altamira.

The Museum of Altamira is the first museum incorporating the cartoons to tell Prehistory. The evolution of humanity and livelihoods in the Upper Paleolithic, hunting, fishing and gathering are illustrated with cartoons for children and adults without prejudice.

Films in the exhibition recreate scenes of everyday life in the cave of Altamira. They show the tools in the hands of those who thought, manufactured and used them.

Sceneries show the objects in their original environments, their use and manufacture. In them you may discover that the needle and thread are inventions of the Upper Paleolithic.

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