Museo Altamira

Themed visits

Guided visits to suit your requirements

What sort of educational experience are you looking for at the museum for your students?
What topic is most suitable for each of the groups?

Teacher led guided visits make it possible to personalise the visit to the exhibition and apply the most suitable learning strategy based on the museum’s range of resources.

The Museum of Altamira offers a number of possible themed visits around the exhibition rooms. Each of these focuses the visitor’s attention on a specific aspect of the ways of life of the hunter gatherers of the Upper Palaeolithic age, based on showing and explaining a sample of the available archaeological heritage.

This allows the museum to provide the information available at the exhibition in advance to allow teachers to design activities that make knowledge of the cultural heritage accessible to their students.

The Education Area at the Museum of Altamira is available to assist in the preparation of your visit.

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