Museo Altamira

What to visit

The main attraction at the Museum of Altamira is the permanent exhibition, the Times of Altamira, made up of a number of rooms housing the best Upper Palaeolithic archaeological collection on the Iberian Peninsula presented in an enjoyable and entertaining manner, together with the most special area, the Neocave, a stunning three dimensional replica of the cave of Altamira.

What else can you see?

The Museum of Altamira is surrounded by an impressive natural landscape. The building, the work of the architect Juan Navarro Baldeweg, is surrounded by a landscape covered in oak, ash, birch, and hazel trees. Walking in the grounds will transport you back to the times of Altamira. During your visit, you will be able to see the entrance to the cave of Altamira, as well as the 1924 house and the two pavilions. These former sites of the museum now host the programme of temporary exhibitions (see the programme), the Sautuola monument, work of the sculptor Julio López, and an sculptural relief by Jesús Otero.

Monumento a Sautuola, obra del escultor Julio López

Detalle del techo de la Neocueva Detalle de "Al calor del hogar"

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