Museo Altamira

How to find us

The Museum of Altamira is located just over a mile from the village of Santillana del Mar, in the Autonomous Community of Cantabria..

The museum has supervised free parking for cars and buses within the grounds. The car park opens at 09:30

Public Transport

  • Santander airport
    15.5 miles from the museum. Direct flights from Madrid and Barcelona (daily) and other major Spanish and European cities (weekly).
    Tel:+34 942 240 202

    Torrelavega station, 3.7 miles from the museum.
    Tel: +34 942 240 202

  • FEVE
    Puente de San Miguel station, 2.5 miles from the museum.
    Tel: +34 942 211 687

  • Bus services
    Autobuses García: Tel: +34 942 891 640
    Autobuses La Cantábrica: Tel:+34 942 342 701

Access by road:

Access from Castile and León by Motorway A67; access from Asturias and the Basque Country by Motorway A8/E70 (Exit 234, towards Santillana del Mar). There is a turn off for the Museum of Altamira in Puente San Miguel and Santillana del Mar.

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This following website can be used to find out more about the four methods of transport:

Plano de localización de Altamira
Plano de localización de Altamira con respecto a Santander