Museo Altamira


The Museum of Altamira is also a research centre whose objectives include the study of prehistory, humankinds first art, and its dissemination among society to improve knowledge and awareness of its value and the requirement for its protection.

It has a documentary archive, , a specialised library and spaces for the conservation and documentation of collections. It also organises scientific events, , is a member of various international forums and committees, and publishes its own publications. The museum promotes collaboration with other specialised museums, university departments and research centres in order to integrate multiple scientific disciplines with the research projects it undertakes.

The research is applied in other areas of the museum for documentation, conservation and outreach activities destined for a broad and diverse audience, including temporary exhibitions, prehistoric technology workshops, and activities for young children.

The museum supports external researchers who undertake studies on its assigned collections, providing them with access and facilitating the use of available resources.

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