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The Museum of Altamira undertakes research, conservation and documentation for the collections it holds. To do so, it has an air conditioned storage area and specialist staff for the conservation, restoration and document management of all its objects.

The museum collection is made up of items that have been assigned to it, as well as those deposited by other institutions or individuals. There is no doubt that the cave of Altamira itself, with the artistic representations it contains, is the key element in the collection, and that it constitutes the essence and raison dêtre of the institution itself, receiving its greatest conservation efforts.

The Museum of Altamira conserves archaeological and paleontological collections from various sites in Cantabria, including the cave of Altamira (18782010) and the nearby Las Estalactitas cave, from the Bronze age, and the open air site surrounding Altamira, composed of utensils from the Lower Palaeolithic age.

The permanent collection also includes items from other caves in Cantabria, such as El Castillo, Las Monedas, Morín, Rascaño, Salitre, Chufín, El Juyo, La Pila, and open air sites such as the Cuchia quarries. Recently, a number of exceptional elements from American Prehistory have also been included.

In addition to this, the Museum of Altamira functions as a depositary for objects and collections from other state museums, such as the National Museum of Natural Sciences, the National Museum of Anthropology, the Museum of America and the National Museum of Archaeology. It has also received deposits from other institutions, such as the Cantabria Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology, the Santander Municipal Museum of Fine Arts, the Valencia Prehistory Museum and the cave of Isturitz (France).

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