Museo Altamira

Services for researchers

The Museum of Altamira provides access to its collections and those held in other institutions as follows.

  • Consult the museum’s permanent collection.

    Study requests must be made by completing the attached form and sending it to: The form should be accompanied by an explanation of the project to be carried out. 

    Authorisation is required to obtain images of collections that are studied. This can be requested from the research department in line with the specific conditions for the loan of images and recording images at the Museum of Altamira.

  • Consult the collections held at the Museum of Altamira for further instructions or details.

    The requester should initiate the process directly with the depositor, requesting their authorisation. The Museum of Altamira will not provide access to collections until it has received express authorisation from their owner, providing details of the specific conditions of the request.

Upon receipt of the study request, or where appropriate, the authorisation of the owner, the museum’s research department will contact the requester to clarify the nature of their research and establish conditions for accessing the collections.

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