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Accessing the catalogue

Documentation of the museum collections is an essential tool to facilitate knowledge of them, but also for the control and management of the objects.

The programme for the documentary management of museums (DOMUS), allows collections to be recorded, inventoried and catalogued, as well as the control of administrative documentation and access to conservation reports and restoration operations for each of the objects. The documentation process is continuously updated and new technologies are applied to facilitate dissemination.

The Altamira National Museum and Research Centre on-line catalogue currently provides remote access to 1006 objects and this figure will continue to increase progressively. It is a significant sample of the more than 58,000 objects that are currently catalogued and is composed of objects that are representative of the ways of life and the symbolic capacity of Palaeolithic human groups. It includes remains of fauna, stone, bone and horn utensils, and an important collection of portable art from the Cantabrian coast and the Iberian Peninsula.

The public can access the information contained in the catalogue and the digital images of the museum collections through this web site, which forms part of the Spanish Museums Digital Network of Collections (

Accessing the catalogue

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