Museo Altamira

Who are our visitors?

Familias visitando el Museo de Altamira

In 2007 the Ministry of Culture established the Permanent Laboratory of Public Museums to obtain data on visitors, improve management and promote citizens' access to museums. The first report allows to know the visitor profile of each museum and the appreciation of the services used.

Now we know that visitors to the Museum of Altamira -around 250,000 each year-are mainly Spanish tourists traveling in family to Cantabria in their leisure time and holidays. This family activity makes Altamira the state museum with more visitors of children in non school visit, and the museum with the younger adult audience, with an average of 39 years, looking for in the museum to know our history and to learn with cultural heritage. The museum also receives each year about 38,000 school children from Cantabria, from another Autonomous Communities and from Europe.

After touring the museum for about an hour and a quarter, as average length of visit, 80% of respondents said they were fairly or very satisfied with the visit to the museum, and nearly all would recommend this visit to others.

Knowing our visitors. National Museum and Research Center of Altamira

Permanent Laboratory of Museums Publics


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