Museo Altamira

Palaeolithic landscape

Part of the natural environment surrounding the Museum of Altamira can be freely explored. Walking around the area, visitors can admire the birch and hazel copses outside the Neocave.

In other areas, pines, oaks, ashes, and a multitude of herbaceous plants (heathers, grasses and daisies) spread out to cover the land. The result is a park with an open plant landscape similar to that lived in by the inhabitants of Altamira during the Upper Palaeolithic age. The modern landscape is the result of restoration work that has restored the plant species that we know to have been present in the areas surrounding the cave in the times of Altamira as a result of the analysis of the pollen at the Altamira complex.

Bosque cercano a la cueva de Altamira Caminos habilitados

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