Museo Altamira

The Times of Altamira

Altamira and art

The ability to transmit symbolic actions by means of artistic expression is a cultural feature that is innate to modern man. Prehistoric art is a phenomenon present throughout the world, developing in parallel to the planets colonisation by human groups.

Palaeolithic art consists of two main forms of expression: rock art (found on the walls and roofs of caves, as well as in the open air), and portable art (typified by everyday objects with artistic representations, such as harpoons and assegai spears, and other objects whose use remains unknown to us, such as baton de commandement and platelets).

The themes of the art, the large sanctuaries, and even music, a mode of artistic expression of which only certain elementary yet nonetheless curious musical instruments remain, are treated individually.

A thought-provoking audiovisual exhibition allows visitors to reflect on the meaning of Palaeolithic art, its timeless interpretation and its power as an expression of human thought.

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